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Don't Make Me Repeat Myself
I repeat myself a lot
Say the same things but in different ways
Over and over and over again
I always hear over and over
“Why do you repeat yourself?”
Why? WHY?
Good question
It is because when I speak
All I see are blank looks
Glazed over eyes
All I hear is silence
Not a word between us
Why? Here’s my answer
I talk, try to make people understand
NOTHING, they don’t care
So I continue to repeat myself
Until their eyes focus and they respond
Until I know I have been heard
I don’t desire to repeat myself
To the point I am sick of hearing
“Why do you repeat yourself?”
It is the only thing I can do
So that I know someone
Anyone is listening
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An Angel's Wings
An angel's wings
Once pure and white
Gave off a brilliant bright light
Which blinded the devils sight
As the Devil grew stronger
Their wings could bear no longer
They watched as the world slaughters
God's son's and daughter's
As the devil started taking over
The end of all light came closer
And the world turned colder
The angels searched for closure
When the last angel fell
They could no longer tell
If they resided in heaven or hell
They prayed for the darkness to dispel
The angel's wings
Once pure and white
Used to give of a brilliant light
That could save them from perpetual night
If only they could bear the sins
On their blackened wings
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Morning Ritual
Slowly, ever so slowly
I crack open my eyelids
To glare at my clock
That never stops ticking
With little energy I can muster
I attempt to lift my heavy limbs
Out of my warm cocoon
To face the blinding light of morning
What I wouldn't sacrifice
To drift back to my cloud
slipping into blissful unconsciousness
Where my mind needs not awaken
Unfortunately the cogs have started turning
Starting an undesired process
Of sending messages to my body
Disconnecting the auto pilot
My morning ritual
Which consists of staring begrudgingly
At the same never changing ceiling
Wishing to not face reality just yet
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Broken Wings
Fallen so far, lost all graces
Can't go home on these broken wings
Let me find warmth in your welcoming arms
As I wrap these broken wings around you
Will you fall with me
Will you sin with me
Forget all the pain
And lose ourselves in the stars
As we fall farther and farther
I had lost all light
All I felt was cold
Let me find warmth
Through your innocent soul
I will corrupt you
With these broken wings
Tempt you with the sky
That I can never give you
Will you fall with me
Will you sin with me
So that I am no longer alone
With these broken wings
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My Path
I want to find a path
A constant and absolute path
One that will lead me onward
To a brighter and happier future
I want to find a straight path
Rather than the twists and turns
Of the labyrinth I reside within now
With the constant concern of getting lost
I try not to be tempted of my path
By fake lights that make false promises
Of an easier path with no obstacles
But that artificial light can be blinding
For there is no such things as
A path with no obstacles
For the path to have meaning and purpose
It must be difficult to face
The struggle allows us to find value
In the achievement of surpassing an obstacles
Life will always be a struggle
Through difficulty we find wisdom
And through wisdom gained
The obstacles become easier to defeat
Bringing us closer to the end
Were we can finally stop and rest
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Debmanic's Profile Picture
Deborah Whittaker
United Kingdom
I am 19
From Manchester :D
I am currently a student at university, studying Film and English Literature
I really never know to write in these kind of things, what do you write that can ever describe yourself :D oh well i think the best thing i can write that describes me is EMBRACE THE MADNESS, by doing so i have seen and done more because I have accepted the madness of a situation and go with it :D

Current Residence: Stoke-On-Trent/Manchester
Favourite genre of music: omg i am going to hate myself for this but Disney :( i can't help it
Favourite photographer: David Bradford
MP3 player of choice: HTC android Phone (OH YEAH, I am that awesome)
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby Doo
Personal Quote: Embrace the Madness



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